Do you want some motivation and encouragement to stick to a healthy lifestyle that is actually FUN?

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Welcome to Jenny Waters Wellness!

Welcome, I'm Jenny!  Are you ready to have energy again to find joy and purpose in your life?

Diets, calorie counting and obsessing over the "right" thing to do so that you can feel good is exhausting! Let me do the work for you. As a professed math nerd, and certified transformational nutrition coach, I know good health is about more than just the numbers.

It's finding what food nourishes your body and makes you feel your best.  It's getting movement in every day and prioritizing better sleep.  It's also about believing you CAN be healthy.

Let's me do the mental heavy lifting for you. My Free Mini Courses are a great place to start. Let's get you feeling your best, so you can live the amazing life you deserve!  After all the hard work you put into raising your kids, now is YOUR time!

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5 Day Clean Up Your Diet Challenge

Ditch the diet and learn to enjoy your food again with the FREE 5 Day Clean Up Your Diet Challenge!

Menu Planning Made Easy

Struggling to Eat Healthy Meals All Week?? I can help you. Lose the Stress and Plan Ahead for Healthy Eating Quickly and Easily With the 5-Day Menu Planning Challenge!  Learn more inside!

Finding Calm in the Chaos with Self-Care

Learn simple self-care strategies that can be done in less than 15 minutes a day and finally be able to find the calm in the chaos. This is the perfect first step to taking better care of your health!  If you're feeling exhausted and burned out, this is the perfect gift to give yourself.  Learn more inside!

10 Day Health Reset

This 10-Day Health Reset will give you a jump start to reclaiming your health. Only $99 to invest in your health!

Apply for a Discovery Call

Are you tired of restrictive diets that make you feel like a failure?  But you want to feel good and have energy to live the life of your dreams now that you have time for yourself!

I can teach you simple tweaks to your health habits that will take you from aging to AMAZING!  It is not too late for you to live the amazing life you deserve!

Fall Recipe Guide

This fall recipe guide includes 10 dinner recipes, 1 appetizer recipe, 1 breakfast recipe, and 25 conversation starters.  Get ready to celebrate fall with the ones you love over a home cooked meal!  Only $4.99!

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