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21-day Anti-inflammatory Meal Plan

Take the Overwhelm Out of Healthy Eating

Welcome!  You’re in the right place to take control of your health so that you can age the amazing way!  You'll quickly discover how to easily meal plan and prep so that healthy eating is a simple habit not a chore.

Chronic Inflammation can be aging you faster and robbing you of your health.  It is a common cause of most chronic diseases.  Eating an anti-inflammatory diet can go a long way to lowering inflammation and improving your health! 

I’m so excited to support you on this journey!

Can you relate?

✅ You’ve worked so hard on dieting before and thought you’d have it figured out by now, but your waist band gets a little tighter every year.

✅ You’ve been diagnosed with an auto-immune disease, type 2 diabetes, or a chronic illness.

✅ You don’t want another pill for your symptoms that your doctor says is common in aging women.

✅ You just want to enjoy food and feel good without having to calculate every bite.

✅ You know you need to eat better to feel better, but meal planning and prepping seems overwhelming!

✅ You don’t have time to learn more diet rules.  You want the shortcut to lowering inflammation through a simple meal plan that you look forward to eating!

I’ve been where you are and I discovered the “secret” wasn’t as hard as I thought…

  • Doctor’s pills were only a band aid to the root cause.  It was an answered prayer when I realized that lowering inflammation improved all these symptoms.
  • My focus switched from how can I restrict myself enough to lose weight and get healthier to how can I nourish my body with what it needs.
  • When I learned what foods loved me back, I began to crave those foods because of how I felt.  Will power and motivation weren’t an issue anymore.

This 21-day meal plan can help you break from a diet mentality to a lifestyle change that you love! 

This plan focuses on adding lots of produce into your diet and high-quality fats and meat. 

This is not a good fit for vegetarians.  I coach from experience and can’t guide you on good plant-based protein sources.

I know that meal planning, meal prepping, and cooking can seem overwhelming!

I have simplified the process for you with 21 days of breakfast, lunch, and dinners plus snacks mapped out for you.  I help you build your grocery list and guide you on simplifying meal prepping so it’s no longer such a chore.  Say goodbye to decision fatigue and the need for will power!

Because everyone is starting from a different place, choose

  • the walk (1 anti-inflammatory meal/day)
  • jog (2 anti-inflammatory meals/day)
  • run option (full meal plan)

Of course, you'll get the best results following the full plan, but building consistency is the most important. 

You choose the pace you go!  The long-term goal is making healthy eating a lifestyle habit not a temporary fix.

Here's Just a Fraction of What You'll Get In this 21-day Anti-Inflammatory Transformation:

This science backed nutrition program helps you personalize a healthy way of eating that works for you!

  • Simple customizable meal plans and recipes that are delicious and make you feel great! ($197 Value)
  • Grocery Lists and Meal Prepping Schedule to save you time.  ($47 Value)
  • Motivational emails to help you bust through roadblocks and cheer you on.  ($47 Value)
  • Success manual to guide you through the 21 days and help you make this a lifestyle change not a temporary fix.  ($97 Value)


Plus Confidence to choose food that nourishes you to feel your best and prevent disease!

Plus, You're Getting Bonus Guides on healthy snacks, meal planner guide, pantry makeover, and extra recipes!

Eating an Anti-Inflammatory diet will lower your chronic inflammation and improve your health!  You will taste and feel the difference!

Total Program is valued at $388, but when you enroll today pay just $47!

Imagine in just 3 weeks.... You are proud of yourself for finally following through! You love eating this way and know how to make it a lasting lifestyle habit!.

6 Modules


Here's some bonus guides to make eating this way easier!

Week 1

Let's get started meal planning and prepping for your new healthy lifestyle!

Week 2

You made it to week 2!  Be proud of yourself for making healthy changes!

Week 3

Your final week of the 21-days!  You're starting to make this a habit!  Keep going!


You did it!  Let's wrap this up and put it into action!

Modules for this product 6
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