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Finding Calm in the Chaos with Self-Care

I've created this mini-course because I've seen too many of my clients be so burned out from the demands of this year.  They want to be  healthier but their stress level makes lifestyle changes seem impossible.

Self-care isn't complicated, but it is too easy to put off till the busy season is over.  This course will help you make yourself a priority again.  You can't pour from an empty cup and you've been running on fumes for too long!

I'm giving you 8 ways to implement self-care into your daily routine.  Find the ones that work for you!

I've used these myself and taught my daughters to use them during high stress periods of our life.  Spoiler- these take less than 15 minutes, are super simple, and they work!

I can't wait to get started with you!  You are worth it!

Your biggest supporter,

11 Modules

Managing Stress with Self Care

Learn to break up with busy and manage your stress with self-care techniques.

Squashing ANTs

Do you struggle with overthinking and worrying?  Try these techniques of squashing those Automatic Negative Thoughts that are on repeat in your mind.  Your mood and results improve when you break the pattern of ANTS and replace with better thoughts!

Moving Meditation

If sitting still and meditating seems intimidating, this moving meditation is an easy way to focus your mind and body.  You'll feel uplifted and relaxed after a 10 minute walk.

Box Breathing

This is a simple technique to quickly and easily calm your mind and body down.  It can be done anytime and anywhere when you feel panic and stress mounting.

Feelings Bath

Do you think self-care means a bubble bath?  Here's a way to make the most of self-care bath.


It's hard to feel anger or fear and gratitude at the same time.  In this lesson, you'll learn some simple ways to focus on what you're grateful for and will discover how it actually makes the blessings grow!

Tea Time

Feeling stressed and burned out?  Connecting with a friend over a cup of tea (or other beverage) might be just what you need!  In this lesson, you'll learn a strategic way to combat stress and loneliness with connection and community.


Life wasn't meant to be all work and no play!  When's the last time you did something just for fun?  This lesson will spark your desire to add more fun into your life!


Working and staying busy 24-7 leads to burn out.  I invite you to bring back some Sabbath into your life.  How good does a day of rest sound?

Improving Health with Self-Care

Addressing stress with self-care is so important for your health!  A lot of times, it's the best first step in improving your health and wellness.

Let's close the loop!

You did it!  Let's Celebrate!

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